TRANSTAR® 6673 Transtar Stripe Removal Tractor Wheel, 4000 RPM, Rubber


Transtar stripe removal tractor wheel is a durable, nonabrasive rubber wheel designed for the removal of detail appliques (such as pinstripes, decals, etc.), adhesive tapes and double faced tapes. Tractor style aggressively removes decals & adhesives without damaging vehicle finish.
• Lightweight – Reduces user fatigue. Unique design for effective removal of adhesives around contours and body features. Wrench included for easy removal of accessories. 6673 will not scratch or damage catalyzed coatings (urethane, acrylic paints, or OEM finishes). 6675 quickly removes paint and rust. Multi-purpose tool & accessories. Both items are compatible with #6671 Transtar Stripe Removal Tool.



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