TRANSTAR® 6213 Fast Drying Jammin Clear, 20 oz


⦁ Exceptional gloss
⦁ Convenient aerosol package
⦁ Excellent clarity
⦁ Ideal for use on color match cards
⦁ Ideal for jamb areas, cut to ins and other small repairs
⦁ Matches OEM finish on jamb areas on vehicles
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Dries quickly
⦁ High gloss level
⦁ No color deviation
⦁ Good weathering resistance
⦁ Very good flow
⦁ Very good polishing ability



TRANSTAR® Jammin Clear is an excellent acrylic clear designed for use when performing small spot and panel repairs. This ready-to-use product is exceptional for use on replacement parts, door jambs, hood and trunk jambs and cut-ins. The convenient aerosol can provides speed and efficiency. Jammin Clear is fast drying, exhibits good clarity and provides excellent gloss.


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