TRANSTAR® 5331 Tri-Cut Compound, 1 gal Can, Glossy White, Liquid


Ultimate finish system tri-cut is designed to offer 1 product for three uses. remove grade 1200 grit and finer sand scratches with a wool compounding pad #5200 and an air or electric buffer (1500 to 2000 rpm), for 1500 and finer imperfections use a yellow acrylic polish pad #5230 or yellow foam cross cut pad #5270 at (1200 to 1750 rpm), and 3) finish to desired gloss with a blue foam cross cut pad #5280 or black foam cross cut pad #5290 at (1000 to 1120 rpm). Safe for use on all paints.

• Unique combination of abrasives and polymers provides a brilliant high gloss finish. Clear coat safe, works on all automotive paints. Low V.O.C. content, low odor. Easy cleanup with water, saves time and money. Liquid formula applies easily and buffs (by hand or machine) to a rich, long lasting shine. 1 product, 3 uses…compounding, micro finishing, swirl remover. Silicone Free.

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