Lauco Tan Masking Paper 36″x750′




• Part Number: PMP750T-36
• Masking off areas during painting: Kraft masking paper is often used to cover and protect surfaces that don’t need to be painted, areas like windows, tires, and trim can be masked off with the paper to prevent paint from reaching them.
• Protecting surfaces during repairs: can be used to cover and protect sensitive components or surfaces. For instance, it can be used to shield the interior of a car when welding or grinding is being performed nearby.
• Preventing contamination: Kraft masking paper is also useful for preventing contamination of parts or surfaces during various stages of automotive work. It can be used to cover engine components, protect upholstery during repairs, or shield sensitive electronic systems from dust or debris.
• Prepping for detailing: can be used to protect certain areas that need to be kept clean. It can be applied to sections like door jambs, hinges, or rubber trim to avoid accidentally applying polish or wax in those areas.
• Packaging and transportation: used to wrap automotive parts or components to protect them during shipping or storage. It provides a protective layer against scratches, dust, and minor impacts, Great for Moving; With a total of 9,000 inches of paper roll to work with, you can safely pack your entire house.
• Thick and Durable Brown Construction Paper Roll; Made with heavy duty paper, this sturdy craft roll can be used as parcel paper and is great protection when shipping.
• OTHER USES: Perfect Art Supplies for Kids; Use these brown craft paper rolls for acrylic and oil paints, crayon, finger painting, markers, felt pens, chalk, watercolor, and more. Cut it Down to Any Size or Shape for Bulletin Board Paper; With this roll, brown paper is at your disposal and will allow you to cut and slice it as needed.
• Superior Wrapping Paper; Use it for wrapping your Christmas, birthday or wedding gifts.


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