4:1 NR Universal Clearcoat 8100-1


The High Teck 8100-1 4:1 National Rule Overall Clearcoat is a high-quality, professional-grade clearcoat that is perfect for use in automotive repair applications. Formulated with advanced technology, this clearcoat provides excellent gloss and durability for a long-lasting, professional finish. It is easy to apply and dries to a hard, chip-resistant finish that is resistant to fading and discoloration. This clearcoat is compliant with National Rule VOC regulations, making it an eco-friendly choice for body shops and other automotive repair facilities. Choose the High Teck 8100-1 4:1 National Rule Overall Clearcoat for all of your clearcoating needs.

• 4:1 Mix Ration
• 1 Hour Pot Life
• Apply 2 coats
• Allow 2-5 minute Flash Time



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