2K High Build Primer Activator 8324-4


The High Teck 8320-1 2K High Build Urethane Primer Surfacer is a high-quality, industrial-strength primer that is perfect for use in automotive repair applications. Formulated with advanced technology, this primer provides exceptional filling and sanding properties for a smooth, professional finish. Its high build formula allows it to be applied in thicker layers, making it ideal for filling in small imperfections and providing a strong foundation for the topcoat. The hard, durable finish resists chipping and peeling, ensuring a long-lasting repair. This primer is easy to sand and is available in a convenient gray color. Choose the High Teck 8320-1 2K High Build Urethane Primer Surfacer for all of your panel repair needs.

• 4 parts Primer : 1 part Activator
• 1 Hour Pot Life
• Apply 2-3 medium coats
• 5-10 minute flash time



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